First Presbyterian Church of Santa Rosa

    We Grow

    Our encounter with God leaves us hungry to learn more and grow. With a sense of discovery, we encourage personal and spiritual growth of all ages. We think learning to ask the right questions is more important than giving the right answer.

    Being the Church as a Family

    Cultivating a relationship with God is the starting point for our work with children, youth, and adults. From this identity with God we grow in our relationship with one another as we learn to care and serve together.

    Youth ➜   /   Children ➜   /   Young Adults ➜

    Personal & Spiritual Growth

    God loves us too much to let us stay the same, which is why we are called to constantly learn and engage in our faith. Growth is never static and no two people learn the same—which is why we seek to provide numerous and unique ways for everyone to engage in learning.

    First Pres Stories

    Meet Reilly

    Reilly shares her experience growing up at First Pres, how the mentors in her life have helped her to get where she is today, and how it felt to serve as Intern for Youth Ministries last summer.

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